What Can Be Done to Recover Trust in Japan After 3.11: Presentation at the Japan National Press Club


Japan National Press Club regularly holds lectures welcoming various guests.  Recent example is Senator Daniel Inouye, a big figure at the US Congress.  His lecture is posted on this web site, also.
I was invited to give a lecture here at May 20th.  My handout was the material which I used at the gathering of the legislators of the Democratic Party the day before (this meeting was open to media…).  The excerpt of my speech is shown here.

I talked conservatively and mildly as I understood that this lecture would be broadcasted On-line.  

However, at the following Q&A session, since the audience was mostly journalists, I naturally was somewhat acquainted with them, and they in turn was familiar with my backgrounds, so I felt that many questions reflected such backgrounds.

I do, however, kept my straight open style here and there, so if you are interested, please watch the video.

Mr. Koiwai was present at the lecture and he posted an article of the summary of my presentation on the Science Portal,http://scienceportal.jp/highlight/2011/110603.html (in Japanese).  Mr. Koiwai kindly points out that I am including media in my target of criticism.  I repeatedly speak and write so in many occasions (Ref.1 in Japanese) (Ref.2,3 in English), too.

Mr Makino, a journalist who calls himself “Stimulator of the Era (Jidai Shigeki-bito)”, also showed up at the lecture (I see him at many occasions…) He posted a column on his blog by the title of “A Last Chance for Japan to Recover From Mistrust On Nuclear Power Plant Breakdown at the G8 Summit”.
I see some moves among the legislators towards realization similar to my recommendations which, hopefully, they find useful.  Now is also a good opportunity to structure healthy relations between the legislature arm and the administrative arm of the Government of Japan.