See-D Contest, The Final Presentations


We have been working for a year on this See-D contest activities (Ref.1, 2, 3)

As described in the announcement, our theme this time was “East Timor”.  This event was for the final presentation of this year’s contest (twitter here).  We could see how both the student teams and professional teams worked hard for the development of their ideas to workable prototypes.  This event was held at GRIPS on Sunday, as its final presentation.

The participants worked hard and went through many hardships and presented their fruits.   Many comments and advises were given to each project, which they, in return, had to respond to.  I assume that it will take an extensive time to achieve successful deployment, perhaps even very difficult, too, but I am certain that what they are going through will now be a good experience for them.

I hope and expect that each participant make this experience an opportunity for their further development, in developing their views and engeagements to the global world.