Dragon Cherry Blossoms Continues to Fight; “Encourage Students to Take Leave of Absence from School”


The Dragon Cherry Blossoms which I have been reporting you every now and then was launched in action 3 years ago in December when they visited me finding out my massage from my blog postings;  I advised them to take a leave of absence from school and go to Dhaka. My Saisyo seemed to have made up his mind right on the spot to take a leave. As they were leaving my room, I could see that everyone got my message feeling pretty confident about their next step..  After this, things started to move rapidly, and Mr Miyoshi with others organized Japanese side of the team, and later they created GCMP.

Overcoming many hardships along the process over almost two years, Dragon Cherryblossom made a big impact which quickly spread throughout Japan.  I am very happy about this.
I assume that you have already heard about the book written by Mr. Saisyo; “Go Forward, Go Forward, Go Forward” (in Japanese).  Here, I would like to introduce the book to you again.  I can see from his book that at the site, they are encountered with many difficulties.  Of course, there would have been hurdles of different kinds continuing his studies in Waseda University, too, had Mr Saisho stayed at the Univertsity not taking the leave..

However, this is only a beginning, and I can assure them that they will be challenged by many unexpected “barriers” before they succeed in expanding this project or even changing the society a bit.

Mr. Saisyo, you are very diligent in pursuit of your dream and have shown the ability to get people involved.  Many youths see you as their “role model”.  However, I have to say to you that harder times are yet to come, but remember that I am always on your side and willing to support you just like many others do….
By the way, in connection with the “Encourage Youths of Taking a Leave of Absence from School”  which I so many times urge in this web site, I would like to call your attention to the fact that many private universities charge “fees” such as “tuitions” even while the students are on “the leave” ? which is unimaginable policy for educational institutions.

However, the good news is that at the Meiji University, with strong actions on the students’ side, University Admisnitration decided to significantly reduce the amount of fee they charge to students during the period of leave.  I am very, very, pleased.  I would like to ask the university administration to make the amount they charged (during absence) part of the tuition due after their return to university.

I urge other private universities to follow the example of Meiji University.  To students, I urge you to unite and petition to the universities.

For it is about your right to build your future.