The Prime Minister of Malaysia Launched Global Science and Innovation Advisory Council


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Almost every nation of the world is setting science and innovation, ie, the creation of new social values, at the center of their national policy.

It is no exception for Malaysia, a nation that puts high priority in education, more recently making strong commitment to science research, in order to realize its economic growth.

Prime Minister of Malaysia Dato' Sri Mohd Najib announced the launch of GLOBAL SCIENCE AND INNOVATION ADVISORY COUNCIL on May 17th making use of the opportunity of his visit to New York City.

Dr. Zakri was appointed to the Science Advisor to the Cabinet at the time of the inauguration of the Prime Minister. I have been acquainted with Dr. Zakri since he was a senior official of the United Nation University (UNU) in Tokyo as well as Director of its affiliated Institute of Advanced Studies (IAS).  Dr. Zakri asked me for support when he came to Tokyo last year, and it so happens that the request materialized in this announcement.  The activity of this council is to be led by the New York Academy of Sciences (Ref.1). 

Below are the press coverage of the council for your reference;
1. BBC   
2.  New Strait Times

From the announcement, I learned that there are some people, such as Jeffrey Sachs, and Rita Colwell, whom I know very well in the members of the council.  If you search in my web site I think you will find their names in some of my postings.  I very much look forward to working with them.

Since I plan to go to Kuala Lumpur in mid June to give a lecture, I hope that our mutual schedule will permit me to see Dr. Zakri then.

I very much feel honored to be asked to serve in such an important task.