Try to Participate in the St. Gallen Symposium


There is a beautiful town in Swiss called St. Gallen where the students at St. Gallen Universty organize the annual St. Gallen Symposium.  This year’s schedule is from May 12 to 13. The Symposium is a wonderful opportunity to listen to worldwide leaders and to speak with them in person.  In such a beautiful setting with such opportunity,  I am sure many friends will be made with students of the world.
I participated twice (in Japanese)(Ref.1 in English) and still continue to support them.  This program has been around for 40 years and is quite enjoyable.

This year again, they will organize the event.  As usual, the application involves writing an English essay.

Dr. Yoko Ishikura also writes about this in her blog (in Japanese) (Ref.1 in English), so please take a look.
Nothing can be achieved unless you try.  Focus, think, and write!  The detail for application is given here.  The deadline is close (Feb.1) but do not worry.
I urge you all to put your best effort in and give it a try!