Why Not Go to the OIST Symposium and Challenge?


OIST (Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology) is located in the scenic Onna-son village of Okinawa. It was established as a new science and research institute. Now, it is steering its way to become a graduate school.

Construction is steadily in progress, and beautiful buildings are gradually starting to emerge, implying the overall picture of the campus.  At the conference hall by the sea, many Symposiums are being held, gathering top level scientists of the world.

Why don’t you join?

This is an invitation to one of such opportunities.  It takes place during your spring vacation, March 14th to 18th.  To come all you have to do is submit an essay of 500 words in English by January 31st. Essays should be submitted online.

This is an English essay contest for undergraduate and graduate (master’s course) students. The applicants must be residing in Japan, majoring in science and technology. The title given for the essay is: “A multidisciplinary approach to solving complicated problems in science and technology today: How effective is it?”  The winners will be invited to a workshop in March.  For details please see: http://www.oist.jp/en/news-archive/38-2010/703-essay2011.html 
The deadline is rather close, but don’t worry.  Focus, think, organize your ideas, and most importantly, start writing.

OIST has its door wide open for youth with strong motivation.  This is the time for a challenge!