Is Todai Label Good Globally?


There is a young legislator by the name of Kotaro Tamura (in Japanese) (I think he is at Yale now).

I have seen him several times. Each time I see him I am impressed and charmed by his very sophisticated and direct character.  He has a website where he writes with unique aggression about his background, his beliefs and principles, his thoughts on fashion (which all seem to be fairly colorful), and more.

Of course, he writes blogs and posts on Twitter, too.  I recently found a a highly provocative article by Mr. Tamura called, ‘The Todai Label is Not Good in Global Settings: Nada High School’s Top Student Chose to Go to Yale University’  (in Japanese).  (This Nada Student, by the way, was accepted to Harvard as well, but he chose to go to Yale…)

Life at Yale University described in this article is admirable and  exciting.  I wonder how high school or college students, or the so called ‘leaders’ in Japanese universities, companies, government, and media think about this?

At any rate, read this article, and enjoy.  I intend to discuss this again in the not so distant future.