A Meeting With Dr. Margaret Chan, Director General of the World Health Organization (WHO)


Dr. Margaret Chan (Ref.1) visited Tokyo after attending a meeting at the WHO Kobe Center.

For about thirty minutes 4 staff members of our Health Policy Institute who specialize in Global Health  joined me in exchanging opinions about Global Health with Dr. Chan. I’ve had many chances to see her in the past (Ref.1,2), but I was particularly thrilled to see her this time because it had been such a long while since the last time we had met. Dr. Nakatani, one of the Assistant Directors of WHO, accompanied by an official from the Ministry of Health, also joined us.

The topics of our discussion covered issues such as Global Health, the meeting at the Chatham House, the number of increasing patients suffering from chronic diseases, social determinants of health, the Davos Meeting that will be held next January, and so on.

I think this meeting with Dr. Chan, the top female leader of WHO, was an exciting experience for our young staff.
Providing opportunities for young professionals to interface with the leaders of the world in person is very important and meaningful.  It is a very stimulating experience, one that will encourage our young generation to set higher goals for themselves.
Asking questions such as ‘What’s the point in trying to become the best?’ is irrelevant here.  People work harder when they see higher goals.

These important interactions serve as the seeds of ASPIRATION within the hearts of youth.