Seattle, USA


I am now in Seattle, participating in Pacific Health Summit which is held annually in June since last 4 years.  I have attended the first conference four years ago, but could not make it to the 2nd and 3rd conference due to some other schedule.

This year’s theme was "Nutrition" and I participated in a panel on "Soaring Food Prices, MDG (Millennium Development Goals)."  The host was Peter Singer from Toronto University, one of my old friends.  The problem of nutrition and food is a global challenge.  As the FAO conference held in Rome 2 weeks ago was not so successful, it may not be easy, but the topic is expected to be in the agenda of Toyako Summit to be held in July.


Photo 1  Dr. Kondo of HPI and Dr. Sunil Chacko

Photo 2 At the panel with Dr. Peter Singer on my right, Dr. Marc Van Ameringen, Director General of GAIN on my left(we were together in the Conference held in February.)

Recently, I am immersed in TICAD as well as G8 Summit, greenhouse, energy, poverty, development and issues in Africa, etc.   It’s nice, I see same people (refer 1 and 2 ) on one hand and also get acquainted with new people on the other hand.  The world is "flat" now and issues have become global.  I feel that challenges that Japan and each one of us will face in the future will be very big.  I also met Dr. Margeret Chan, Director General of WHO whom I haven’t seen since last year.  She is also exercising great leadership skills.

Seattle is a very beautiful city with beautiful waterfronts and woods.  The weather was fine and I enjoyed my stay very much.  I even went to see the game of Mariners using my free time.  This year their condition was not so good.  Audience was small (almost 1/4th of the capacity of stadium), and Ichiro had 2 strikeouts.  It was a boring match since the team lacked the "winning" spirit.  But applause for Ichiro was greatest in his home ground and I think he will appear in the "All Star Game" this year too (last year he was the MVP).  What a pity that Jojima was not a part of starting member!  As expected, the replacement of the manager was announced on the next day.


Photo 3  Mariner’s Game


Photo 4  Ichiro at bat