Exciting ORF2010


Keio University’s Shonan Fujisawa Campus (SFC) presented the Open Research Forum (ORF) 2010 on November 22nd and 23rd at the Academy Hills in Roppongi during the Mita Festival, the Festival at Keio Mita Campus.  I participated in ORF2009 last year as well.  In comparison to last year’s this year’s atmosphere and student participation in displays and performance was much better and larger.  I enjoyed interacting with the displays and listening to the student-creator’s explanations for their projects.

Coincidentally, a book by Dr. Shigeru Nakanishi, Genealogy of Heresy (in Japanese) was published, and I was inspired to read how Keio SFC produces so many unique talents, entrepreneurs, and the like.  Equally wonderful is that professors spend such a large amount of time with and for the students that they’ve structured a system for students to teach each other.  The speech by the first Dean, Dr. Hiroshi Kato, at the first commencement ceremony was stirring, with words full of love and encouragement.  I was awed to read both about the devoted faculties and the active students.

It was a privilege to see Dr. Hiroshi Kato, the leading figure in the foundation of SFC, again after a long time

At the ORF2010 I participated in the last panel on November 23rd, ‘Considering the Future of KEIO and SFC’s Direction’ with Dr. Rakutaro Kitashiro, Hiroshi Fujiwara, and hosted by Ms. Maria Yogo, a graduate of the first class of SFC currently working in Abu Dhabi.

People expressed various opinions(in Japanese), but I think we agreed to wrap up the session with the recognition of necessity for SFC to expand its international exchange with overseas students and faculties.  My point was, as always, to recommend students take a leave of absence from school in order to see, hear, and sense the outside world first hand.

At the reception after the event, I had the impression that our session was well received by many.  The challenge now is to establish and cultivate action based on our opinions.