Closer Ties Between India and South Korea


I have strongly appealed (Ref.1), more than few times, Japan’s low presence in India, a country with 1 billion people with expected economic growth for decades to come.

As you see in my recent series of five blog postings on a victory by the South Korean team on the bid of nuclear energy plants of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), South Korean business sector has been very aggressive in ‘Go Global’, eg, Samsung, LG, Hyundai and many others.

Another big surprise (Ref.1) of the last few days was press coverage that Indian government honored South Korean President, Lee Myung-bak as the chief guest of the Republic Day of India, January 26th, perhaps one of two major days of India (another one is August 15th, Independence Day from British Colonization); it is apparently the first time head of state of Asia received this honor. President Nicolas Sarkozy of France received this honor- though Indians were not happy with his being with his new girl friend.

What I was a bit worried in my blog posting part 2 of Korean victory in UAE, Japan has not been, in my view, aggressive enough to pursue our various missions to the world partners with strategic vision.

A press of January 20th, explained why India is keen to further its relation with Korea. Of course, nuclear technology is one of them.

A series of aggressive global campaign of President Lee is to show the world his nation particularly at this time, hosting later this year G20.  Is there any attempt by the Japanese government to show its leadership in various global stages, for example, World Economic Forum in this month, G8 Summit in June, and its presence in hosting APEC in November this year?

I wish you try to learn lessons what is going on in the world with your eyes wide open trying to develop ‘Vision’ and Strategy toward Vision.