Japan in the Global age; Apparent Weakness in Education


Education in Japan including higher education, i.e. the foundation of human resource development, lack recognition of the world trend and future direction of this global age, a recognition that a major paradigm shift has taken place in the last decade or two.  I have been pointing this out repeatedly in this site and elsewhere.

I recently introduced you Professor Hisashi Kobayashi (Ref.1), who served as a Professor at Princeton University for many years.  We exchange views via e-mail frequently, discuss on his materials etc., to broaden our prospects.

Dr. Kobayashi recently posted his points on his website in a very clear and straight-forward manner.  I agree 100% to his views and concerns.  Please, by all means, read it and think hard.

How can we ever make progress?  Japan’s future depends precisely on education, nurturing of our people.  I feel Dr. Kobayashi provides us through his message a number of clues and specific actions to address and solve the problem of ‘Concerns on Japan as seen from Outside’; hints on how education should be.  How about your thoughts?