Korea wins the Nuclear power plant bid at United Arab Emirates – Part4


This January I have posted series of 3 reports on this theme.  I write this because I believe that there are many lessons to be learned from this news, its background, and in thinking how Japan should promote ‘clean energy’ – the growing industry of the future.

In my 4th report, I introduced information/reports on what requirements the UAE proposed , and what were the points where the proposal from Korea’s was highly evaluated. They are taken from open sources, but I think you will find them informative and useful.  Don’t try to get away by saying ‘We knew it’ or ‘They are just beautiful words’, because that would make you a whining loser.  Such attitude will only lead to another defeat.

Please take time to read through carefully through these interesting materials.

A mind to learn humbly, learning from defeat, to ‘Katte Kabuto no O-wo Shimeyo (tie up the strings of your helmet after victory)’, is the universal wisdom and important attitude.  What message do you see from these materials? What lessons do you learn from this and/or my previous 3 reports?  How do you react to any request, gather information and proper connections?  Equally important is to make effort in filling the gap between our view and theirs.  This can be said about other cases too – not only the UAE.

At any rate, the renewal of oil contract with UAE (50% of UAE oil export is to Japan and 25% of the oil import into Japan is from the UAE ? a very important relationship!!) is expected in 2012, and as competition for energy is becoming ever severe, our rivals must be making smart moves already. As the saying goes, ‘Yudan taiteki’ (“you can't be careless or inattentive but be alert, be observant”) and ‘Ogoru Heike wa hisashikarazu ("the moral import of the tragedy and of the swift and extreme vicissitudes of fortune").  I urge all of you in government, ministries and  business  to prepare yourself and work hard for the good of the Japanese people. Buckle Up.