Visitors from Canada


Recently we have had a number of topics related to Canada (Ref. 1, 2) and I assume that this is partly because this year is the year of 80th anniversary of Japan-Canada relations and more exchanges/events are taking place than usual.

Ms. Olivia Chow, member of House of Commons of Canada came to my office at GRIPS with Mr. Christopher Burton, First Secretary (Political) at the Canadian Embassy.  Dr. Sunami and I have just returned from Toronto, so there were lots of topics to share.  The time just flew away.  Ms. Chow said that she and Prof. Ito Peng were colleagues.


Photo: Ms. Chow, Mr. Burton, Dr. Sunami

You never know who is connected to whom.  And I tell you this is exciting. No matter where you are or whenever it is, you will be evaluated as an "individual" and will be connected to even more friends and colleagues.