Chateau Margaux


Needless to say Chateau Margoux is the most prestigious wine estate representing Bordeaux; "the Queen of French Wine."  I was invited to a gathering of tasting Vintage wine from the brewery and had a wonderful time with nice people and good food.

Mr. Paul Pontallier, the manager of Chateau, also came directly from Narita.

After Champagne Cattier Clos du Moulin, below were served in the order of the list.

Pavillion Blanc du Chateau Margoux 2006
Pavillion Rouge du Chateau Margoux 2004
Pavillion Rouge du Chateuu Margoux 2000
Chateau Margoux 1995
Chateau Margoux 1989
Chateau Margoux 1982

The last 3 wines, like others, had unique tastes respectively.  ‘ 95 was strong and complex, maybe good in 10~20 years from now, ‘ 89 was just right, very feminine and round.  ‘ 82 had power and thickness.

Just a while ago, I also tasted Chateau Mouton Rothschild 1953, etc..

And in January this year I was given a very rare opportunity even by the standard of the world, of tasting Chateau Lafite of 1858 (150 years old).  Something to be thankful for…

Toast for good friends !