TED comes to Tokyo


"TED comes to Tokyo."  And if your response to this news is "finally!" or "at last!," then you must be a kind of freak(?) in this area.  But believe it or not, it actually did.

On May 22, TEDxTokyo was held at the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation in Odaiba.  The audience was limited to 200, language was English exclusively, and the percentage of Japanese participants was limited to maximum 40%.  I was involved in organizing this event, and we arranged to have each live speaker speak no more than 18 minutes.  We also sorted out several nice videos from TED and mixed them into the program.  It turned out to be a very exciting and inspiring day.

The two producers, Todd and Patrick, were nice combination and the way they hosted the event was in a good tempo and stylish.

Visit the TEDxTokyo website or the original TED site and have lots of fun.

Thanks to so many young volunteers who helped this happen.