Tony Blair and his team reports their outcomes


On June 27th (Friday), the report "Breaking the Climate Deadlock" prepared by the team that Mr. Tony Blair represents, was presented in Tokyo.  Mr. Blair is the first person who put "climate change" in agenda at G8 summit, and also has launched "Gleneagles Process" to tackle this problem.  As a leader of the world he continues worldwide lively activities even after retiring from his post as a Prime Minister.  I have written about it before, and his purpose this time, I assume, is to announce the results of these activities and to promote them in the G8 summit.

Dsc_0158blair01Photo 1 Mr. Tony Blair


Photo 2 With Mr. Blair and His Excellency Ngubane, Ambassador of South Africa


Photo 3 With former prime minister Mr. Abe

On June 28th and 29th, GLOBE International, an activity of legislators of the states in G8+5 will be held.  I understand that Mr. Blair is going to give a keynote speech there also.

On the evening of 27th, a reception was organized at British Embassy in Tokyo in which many members of parliament from England were also present.  After that, I moved to Roppongi Hills to be a part of the panel with 100 young people and Mr. Miliband, Minister of Foreign AffairsMr. Miliband is a 42 years old, up-coming star who is expanding the public relation activities by posting information on his personal Blog.  The panel was focused mainly on these topics, but unfortunately, the duration was too short i.e. just an hour.  I would like more of various programs like this to be organized.  You can view the sight of the panel in his Blog.


Photo 4 Mr. Miliband and Moderator, Ms. Edahiro on the panel