G8 Science Ministers’ Meeting in Okinawa


On June 15th, Science and Technology Ministers’ meeting was held for the first time in G8 summit history, in Okinawa.  The host was Minister, Mr. Kishida.

The informal G8+5 Science Advisors’ Conference was held on June 13th and 14th and the main topic was "Brain Circulation."  This is the extended version of Erasmus program of EU.  There is awareness that for the challenges of coming global era, it is necessary to develop mutual understanding between the young people who are the pillars of the country’s future.


Photo 1  Dr. Nina Fedoroff, science adviser of U.S. Department of State


Photo 2 Dr. Wan, Minister of Science and Technology, China

Everyone is aware that short-term mutual exchange program of 1 year or so is necessary in the universities, graduate schools or at even younger ages.  This is especially an important issue for Japan.  I have repeatedly mentioned in the blog, that I think the biggest problem is that Universities in Japan are isolated even in this era, and young people are not aiming for overseas opportunities.  Also the number of Japanese student studying abroad is decreasing.

On 14th, after a presentation related to clean energy by Dr. Steven Chu from The Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology (OIST)  in the evening, there was a reception ceremony by Mr. Nakaima, a governor of Okinawa, and arrival of Minister Mr. Kishida.


Photo 3 With Minister Mr. Kishida and Dr. Baughman (OIST)


Photo 4 Show in reception