Cape Town


After finishing TICAD in Yokohama, I left Narita on June 3rd in the afternoon and came to Cape Town near Cape of Good Hope at the southernmost Africa via Singapore to attend the Africa Conference on World Economic Forum.  The conference is being held here annually for the past 17 years and this is the 18th conference, which is quite an achievement.

Dr. Sadako Ogata, the president of JICA, who is also one of the leading persons in the promotion of TICAD, is the co-president of this conference.  She was very active during these three days, attending a number of panels every day.  I truly appreciate her effort.  Approximately 10 companies from Japanese business sector such as Tokyo Electron (chief executive, Mr. Sato), Hitachi, Mitsubishi Corporation, Sojitz etc, have participated.  His Excellency Odano, the ambassador of TICAD also participated which had a very good effect of impressing the presence of Japan.  No growth is possible in anything without the involvement of business. Number of conflicts taking place in entire Africa are reduced and the rate of economic growth is 5-6%.  This is a place of good business opportunities.  Japanese businesses should also get a grip.

I also participated in 2 panels, and talked especially about achievements of TICAD and expectations to G8, MDG, from the viewpoint of energy, food crisis, and development.


Photo 1 The sight of a Panel


Photo 2  Conference by participants from Japan, with Dr. Ogata as  main person


Photo 3 From the left side Dr.Tsuchiya from WEF, Dr. Kurokawa of JICA and Dr. Kondo of Health Policy Institute, Japan.



Photo 4 Mr. Haccyoji and Mr.Okada from Hitachi

Many attendants from Africa including Mr. Mbeki, the President of South Africa Federation, also participated in TICAD, so the presence of Japan here was strong which was great.  But above all, it was the presence of Dr.Ogata.  She is known and respected by everybody here as elsewhere and her comments always make a very good point.  She is really the "Pride of Japan."

In the afternoon of the 2nd day, I left the conference, as the weather was too good and came down to Cape of Good Hope.  It was like California, since there were many places just like Santa Monica and Malibu.


Photo 5 Cape of Good Hope, from the left Mr.Okada and Mr.Hacchoji from Hitachi.

I went to Abu Dhabi via Dubai after finishing the 3 days conference.  Visited His Excellency Ambassador Hatano, discussed with the government officials related to university and the person in charge of health policy etc., thus spending 20 hours, I finally started my return journey.  On June 8th, I arrived in Japan in the evening.