Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology (OIST) and the Science and Technology Society (STS) Forum in Kyoto


The Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology (OIST) is a completely new research graduate school in Japan, and out of many students who have received the support of the world, thirty-four students have matriculated.  I have supported this project from the beginning.  It is a graduate school very different from those in the past in Japan, as over half of the professors, research staff and students have come from abroad.  Of course, the official language is English.

The buildings are also designed with this new spirit and there is also a four o’clock tea that is held once a week and creates time for everyone to come together.

I left for Okinawa the next day after my talk at the Harvard Club of Japan.  I came to take part in the OIST board members meeting.  At the board meeting, there was a reporting of activities and discussion of several topics.  Later, I visited some research rooms and met with the new students.

Nice research rooms, offices, lecture halls, dormitories and the beautiful weather and the blue sea are all here.  All of this and many excellent programs welcome young people who wish to embark on a research path.

After staying for two nights, I took the last flight back to Tokyo.  The next morning, I went to Kyoto, where I took part in the Science and Technology Society (STS) Form (1).  I was reunited with many friends and have attended every year, as it is also a good place to meet new people.

Time flies and this is now the ninth year that I have attended the STS Forum.