Taking a shower 12,000 meters up in the sky


During the past two days, I have been in Abu Dhabi in order to participate in the meeting of the Board of Trustees of Khalifa University. The flight from Narita on Etihad Airways, was a direct flight of around eleven hours.

Things have started to fall in place as the number of students has started to rise and the faculty has been bolstered by the increased presence of professors from abroad.  Although the primary focus is on engineering courses, there are also students in master’s programs in nuclear engineering.  In light of the recent developments where power-producing nuclear plants are going to be built with the help of Korea, no stone is being left unturned in the education required to make it possible.

Korea is providing assistance mainly through an education program developed by KAIST(Ref.).  Indeed, the president of KAIST, Dr. Suh is also here.

After two days of meetings, it was time to head back.  Unfortunately, there was no direct flight to Narita operated by Etihad on the 25th (the day I was to return), so I headed to Dubai from where I boarded an Emirates flight to Narita late at night.  The aircraft was an A380, and I was in first class.  There were only about four passengers in first class, so I was able to try out the showers an hour before arrival.  Although there is hot water for only five minutes, I was able to take a leisurely shower.

After showering 12,000 meters up in the sky, I arrived in Narita feeling refreshed.