Board Meeting of Impact Japan


Six months passed since we established Impact Japan.  During these months, we all worked together to support various voluntary activities by people categorized as the “out of the box” type, especially the young people, launched a collaborative project with Project Hope for the Tohoku Earthquake, organized an educational program with Harvard College Initiative Japan, and such.

These activities stemmed out rather naturally from the activities with my friends and colleagues, around the time we launched TEDxTokyo.

Please “Google” Impact Japan.   Also, you can find many postings in this (my) site if you search by the keyword “Impact Japan”.

By reading these sites, you will see what we are up to or what sort of activities we are trying to focus on.

Six months have passed since Impact Japan has become an officially registered organization.  We had the first official board meeting recently.  Our Honorary Chairman, H.E. John V. Roos, the Ambassador of the United States to Japan,  honored us with his presence for about an hour and encouraged us with many ideas.

I hope that Impact Japan will overcome many challenges and continue its activities to support the youth, encourage the “out of box” type people, help coordinate all sorts of actions so that in the end they become a strong power to CHANGE Japan.

I thank from the bottom of my heart to all of you who help, support, and work for Impact Japan.  Please, by all means, continue to support us.