Vabel Conference; A Follow-up


I posted a report about the Vabel Conference that we held in January. The video of the conference is now on the web.  You can listen to the speeches by the lecturers.  Professor Ishikura introduces the video in her blog, too.

The majority of the participants were Japanese and the speakers were all Japanese, but the language we used was English (actually, a broken English, except for Drs. Ishikura and Saito who speak English very well….).  This may sound odd to you, but we really had a good time.  I think the key to success is to make a good atmosphere and also to getting people acclimated to the situation.

Mr. Kim, the ‘pari pari’ worker organized and hosted this conference. He had been staying in Japan for a while after taking a leave of absence from a University in England. He is again planning to go abroad.

I think having such energy and aggressiveness as Mr. Kim is good for any young professional.