Kim Haegwan, a ‘Pari Pari’ Worker; The Law of Success 2.0, and Vabel


Last June, a young student contacted me via e-mail requesting an interview.  He is a Korean born in Japan, and a very active young man who is now on leave from school to travel around the world.

He has been interviewing many famous people and is reporting about it on his web site The Law of Success 2.0.  I find it quite interesting.

More recently, he launched a Japanese blog site (where I learned the Chinese character for his name, Kim Haegwan) and an NPO Vabel.  I have been corresponding with him via e-mails ever since I saw him in London and my interview appears on his web site in English and Japanese.

I think it was in October last year that he asked me to participate in a conference hosted by Vabel in Tokyo.  I agreed, but hadn’t received a reply from him afterwards for some time. One day, I randomly went to Vabel’s web site and was quite surprised to find an announcement for the conference. It’s taking place in Tokyo on January 23rd.

I immediately sent him an inquiry about the details of the conference. I needed to know things like where it was and what the program looked like.  His plan didn’t seem to be able to gather enough people or pay expenses.  We talked over via e-mails, and also had thorough discussions about the project after he returned to Japan in December.  We wanted to be sure that the invited guests would be treated with due respect. I advised him on variety of things, especially since I felt accountable because my name appeared as one of the supporters.

The problem was that he was a very difficult person to convince, a tough character…

Then, after some time, I sent him an e-mail asking how things were going.  He wrote back that he was trying to gather his friends at Waseda University and the University of Tokyo.

Anyway, I am doing my best to satisfy the invited speakers and support Mr. Kim’s hard work with the spirit of; ‘pari pari’ (a Hangeul word for ‘hurry up’).

He is a person of action. He does not detour!  His attitude is not bad for a young person.  Setting high goal makes great dreams realized.

The Vabel conference will take place on January 23rd.  I invite you all to participate.  Registration is free and open.