Mr. Saisho’s New Year; From Dhaka


Thus far I’ve posted many reports on Mr. Saisho of Waseda University. He is doing a wonderful job in Bangladesh (Ref.1,2).    Recently I’ve also noticed that Japanese media is reporting on his activities. On January 3rd, an article appeared on the 2nd, ‘People’, page of the Asahi Shinbun Newspaper morning edition.  It kicked off reports on him for the New Year.

I received an e-mail from Mr. Saisho that morning, just as I was reading the article, saying, ‘I was told that an article about me appeared on the ‘People’ column of Asahi Shinbun morning issue although I can’t confirm it because I am in Dhaka now…’

So, I wrote the whole content of the article in e-mail and sent to him.

Mr. Saisho wrote back to me; ‘Thanks for the whole article!  I really appreciate it.  Will go to see Dr. Yunus today and I will report this to him!’

I replied; ‘My Hello to Yunus-san.
We may meet in Davos later this month’

All these correspondence took place in just about 30 minutes. What a small world!