Mr. Jun Kurihara of Harvard Kennedy School


I have introduced to you for a couple of times in my blog postings Mr. Jun Kurihara, Senior Fellow at Harvard Kennedy School (Ref.1).

He is also a research director of The Canon Institute for Global Studies , hops around the world, and issues ‘The Cambridge Gazette’ in nearly monthly bases.  As you have read in my previous posting about him,  this Gazette is quite good in a sense that you can intuitively sense his broad human network as well as his intellects.

Mr. Kurihara dropped by at my office when he visited Tokyo recently and we had a good time together.  I felt honored to find his comments on our meeting in his latest issue of ‘The Cambridge Gazette’.  As always, this Gazzette is also filled with evidence of his deep knowledge and broad human network.

‘A person like myself would be difficult to be accepted in Japanese institutions.  I think that is why things are like this…’ says Mr. Kurihara, but clearly he is a very valuable asset.  I am sure that if we had more of people like him in Japan this nation would be more lively and active.  If ‘Unique human capital’, ‘Nails that stick out (Deru kui)’ are given more and more places to flourish, organizations will gain energy and youths will have good ‘Role models’ which eventually will make them more positive and active. For organizations, it is important to give right person the right place so as to optimize the talents giving them more chances to flourish.

Domestic and international broad connection based on ‘credibility as individual’, like Mr. Kurihara’s, is a huge asset.  The Canon Institute for Global Studies chose a good member.  Without doubt Mr. Kurihara is one of our precious ‘Human capital’ (similar but not the same as the ‘Human resource’) whom no one can exchange with any amount of money.