‘Asia Vision 21’; by Harvard and NUS, From Singapore


On April 29th and 30th、‘Asia Vision 21’ was held under the auspices of National University of Singapore Lee Kwan Yew School of Public Policy and Harvard University Ash Center.  I have been invited by the Ash Center for several years to attend this Program, but had been unable to until this year.  I am to join the panel on Biotech.

Dean of Lee Kwan Yew School of Public Policy (Ref.1) , Dr. Kishore Mahbubani, is widely known by his books.  Dr. Mahbubani has been quite visible these years around the world, has been a diplomat for many years, and his discerning wisdom is great.  I have introduced him to you in my blog postings (Ref.1) several times in the past.

Participants from Harvard were also very interesting, including the well known Professors Ezra Vogel, and Arthur Kleinman, Director of Asia Center.   I was with Dr. Kleinman this January during my visit to Boston and we enjoyed a rounds of Martini.  I might add that I was quite filled up then.

The two days session was a very stimulating opportunity, particularly to me to learn much about Asian politics and economy in global world since there were so many experts and first class debaters of this field.  I also made new friends, which is one of the many reasons why attending this sort of meetings is such a pleasure and eye-opening.

I slightly regret to have to say that I can not introduce you in full about the speakers and participants since the host maintains a policy not to post the record of this meeting even on web..

I was at the Breakout Session ‘Flashpoints in Asia’ on the 2nd day where there were about 10 participants. The Co-Chairs of the session Professors Astrid Tuminez,  and Huang Jing, both at NUS, were superb as moderators as well as depth of knowledge and thoughts-provoking comments and questions. Various views, insightful observations by expert participants were full of valuable lessons, and I was quite stimulated.  Harvard University is of course a great source of talents, but the National University of Singapore is also attracting wonderful faculties creating quite a vibrant atmosphere of ‘pulling power’..