Japan, UK, US, Korea Cancer Clinical Trials International Symposium ? A Report


In my May 29th posting I have reported that we hosted Japan, UK, US, Korea cancer clinical trials international symposium.

A report on this meeting is now uploaded on the web site of Health Policy Institute 

Every session was excellent, but from Japan’s standpoint, the rapid internationalization and growth of Korean clinical trials in the last few years was impressive and very much worth focusing.  Details are illustrated in the slides (especially the latter half, #7 and after) of Professor Yung-Jue Bang of Seoul University, the 3rd presentation in the plenary session (first presentation was by Dr. Miyata of Ministry of Health, second was Dr. Kondo, Chief Executive of PMDA).  Please note that cancer or oncology is now the largest stream of clinical trials in Korea. 

I think that these rapid changes were possible through the excellent co-operations and leadership among government agencies, universities, health care stakeholders, indurstry etc., strong initiatives in prioritization, good decisions and quick actions for internationalization (introduction of international standard systems).

For Japan, the fastest way would be to participate aggressively in multiple international clinical trials right from the early phases, simultaneously.  Understanding, co-operations, and pressure of patients advocacy and their family would be crucially necessary to make it possible.

The so-called ‘Drug Lag’ is not just a problem of regulatory agency, but equally important factors are the speed of decisions of companies and clinical trials process