Asian Pacific Congress of Nephrology in Seoul


Just recently I have reported to you about having participated briefly in the meeting of the International Society of Nephrology (ISN) after a long interval.

I returned from Doha to Japan in the evening of June 1st.  Next day, I headed to the Yagami Campus of Keio University to give a lecture as part of the SONY lecture series on Innovation  organized by Professor Mario Tokoro, President of SONY CSL.  The day after, June 3rd, after taking care of several things I flew to Seoul to join the Asian Pacific Congress of Nephrology (Ref.1) held at COEX.  My first program was to appear in the Opening Plenary as co-chair with Professor Ho Yung LEE, the President of APCN.

I truly enjoyed reunions with lots of colleagues who came to participate from Asia-Pacific and countries like US and EU.  During my appointment as Counselor and later as the President of ISN I used to catch every opportunity to travel abroad, so to see many of the young people; many of them whom I met in those days have been turning into leaders in their country and the world, was a tremendous joy for me.  Speaking of myself, I had the honor of receiving the first ‘Priscila Kincaid-Smith Award’  founded at the last meeting two years ago.  Dr. Kincaid-Smith is a renowned Australia based physician and researcher, especially known for her world class contribution in the advancement of nephrology and was elected the first President of ISN from Asian Pacific (she was also the first female ISN President).  I have had the honor of being in touch with her in many occasions.

The reception hosted by President Lee was held at the annex of Walkerhill Hilton  (the garden of Aston House  (the photos are seen in this web site) which is known to many through a popular Korean TV series ‘Hotelier’ .  I hear that this place was built for the meeting of Heads of North and South Koreas.  At the reception I had a great time talking with many old and new friends.

On 7th, left Seoul from Incheon International Airport  to New York JFK, a 14 hours’ flight.