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I spent 5 full days giving advices in sessions with Botswana government on policy development and implementation..  It was a hard and exhausting task but rewarding at the same time as seen in  local media (Ref.1). However, follow-ups are equally important.  Botswana expects a lot from Japan so we – Japanese government, business sector, and universities – should all work harder together.  From here, the private sector, in part with our government, is expected to take leadership in developing partnership with Botswana government. Akita University has also begun collaboration with Botswana.  This is wonderful!

The advantages of Botswana is its huge land (1.5 times of Japan), rich variety of natural resource, highest level of maintenance of natural reserve and potential for wonderful tourism, existence of largest number of lions and elephants and other wild life, compulsive education being provided to all citizens, English as an official language, stable government, society in good order/security, GDP of USD$6,000/person, etc.  Its weak points are; population of only 2 million, diamond being the highest percentage (40%) of government revenue, about 20-30% of the population in poverty, HIV/AIDS still dominant though reducing, etc.  However, I think that the highest potential lies in the fact that this nation is located in the center of southern half of Sub-Sahara.

In this global age, how can Botswana take their advantages while managing their disadvantages?  This viewpoint is the basis of recommendations for policy making of Botswana.