‘Global Agenda Seminar’ of Professor Ishikura


I assume that many of the visitors of my web-site know about Professor Yoko Ishikura.  We co-authored a book titled ‘Sekai kyu kyaria no tsukurikata (How to build a global career)’.  But to tell you the truth, she kindly did most of the work.  She recently published another book with a title with a strong impact ‘Senryaku Shifuto (Strategy Shift)’.

I introduced this book several times to you in this web-site, as well as her ‘blog’ URL which appears in my blogroll (at the right bottom of this page) for your reference.  I recommend that you visit her blog now and then because it is actually quite stimulating and inspiring.

Professor Ishikura has launched ‘Global Agenda Seminar’ (this web site is in Japanese) every once a month for about a year.  I was invited to help, and joined in its opening session as a speaker.

We did several preparatory discussions via e-mail.  There were about 50 or so participants.  ‘2/3’ of them were in their 20s or 30s and the ratio of male and female was ‘50=50’; which was very nice.  I decided to talk in English, and with a slight nervousness, went off to see the participants.

For details of the seminar, please visit the web-site of Professor Ishikura ( in Japanese).