Environment technologies ? Growth of Japan, Growth of Asia


Japan has great environment friendly clean technologies.  Many of them are the best in the world.

Clean energies and environment friendly clean technologies are attracting attentions globally.  Now is the time of huge opportunity for Japan to expand its business and provide its technologies throughout the world.  The problem is that I don’t see this happening.  As you know, our solar panel capture is getting behind rapidly globally; Japan is not the only country that has these technologies, Germany, China, US and others also have them.  Dr. Yoko Ishikura also writes in her recent book “Senryaku Shifuto (Strategy Shift)” (in Japanese) , that it is crucial to seize the opportunity, and 1) consider “Both AND & OR”, 2) be prepared for the possibilities, and 3) take actions with speed.

“Promotion of Domestic Demand” is important, but if total gross economy does not grow, domestic demand will not and cannot grow.  Moreover, Japan is one of the worst in the world in terms of “debt (to its people)”, and is the most aged and further aging country.   I wonder what we and our government are going to do about the aging population which is clear even from the analysis on prospect of population change.  It is so sad to see the lack of leadership In every sector of Japanese society.

I went to New Delhi in September to help introduce and promote Japanese environment-friendly technologies. Given an opportunity to express my view, I talked about how “mottai-nai” for Japanese corporate sector to waste such a huge business chance.  We must go out actively and vigorously to growing countries, regions – in short to wide Asia, where our business opportunities are great.  EU, America, Canada, Korea, and China are doing so already with speed.  I urge those people in Japanese industries to wake up and get started- being insular mind-set will not do any good.  To go and act global is the key to success.  Collaboration with the world with speed is absolutely necessary and important for Japan to grow delivering needed technology, products and services.

Advertisement report on this New Delhi conference appeared in Nikkei (keynote, conclusion) (PDF.1, 2) so please take a look.