Asia Health Forum in Singapore


From Abu Dhabi via Dubai airport, I flew to Singapore to participate Asia Health Forum organized by EDB (Economic Development Forum) of Singapore Government; I was a part of its planning discussion session. The venue was a beautiful Cappella Hotel on Sentosa Island.

The member consists of some 15 leading world experts from medical, pharmaceutical, public health and a team of McKinsey, an excellent consulting firm. This one day session began with a welcome by the Health Minister of Singapore , Dr Khaw followed by nearly 40 min discussion session with the Minster. The Minister is fully knowledgeable of the principle, unique historical legacy of Singapore health policy, details of current Singapore health policy and its issues, nonetheless considered perhaps the best service in the world  despite spending only 4% of GDP.

I fully enjoyed the meeting and took a late night flight finally back to Japan after 12 days of around-the-world tour which started from Ottawa.