University Students of the United Arab Emirates visit Japan


The United Arab Emirates; UAE has a strong relationship with Japan.  Dubai and Abu Dhabi are probably the most popular among the cities of UAE.  Please search for these cities in this site since I also have had several opportunities to visit UAE since 2007.

Especially, Dubai had been the topic of the whole world for its fast growth but now things seem to be halting as if to see the trend probably partly due to the global economic crisis.

Among the Emirates, Abu Dhabi is the largest, producing most of the oil of UAE.  50% of its export goes to Japan, and 25% of oil import of Japan comes from Abu Dhabi. Thus, Japan and Abu Dhabi have been building good relationship and Abu Dhabi is known for being a pro-Japan city.


Photo; Students from Khalifa University, Faculty members of Keio University, people from Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, His Excellency Hatano. In white clothes are the students from UAE.  This clothes are called Kandura (Ref.1)

Students from Khalifa University (it is a university of science and engineering) in Abu Dhabi visited Japan twice for about a week in a group of about 15 each time.  The first group was all female and the second group was all male.  I had an opportunity to meet the latter group.  I was told that they had quite a full time by visiting Keio University and the research facilities at Tsukuba.

Exchanges of young people are very important for the future.  They will all be partners in the global world.

Most of the students were from UAE, but some came from Sudan Palestine, Lebanon, or Syria.

Emirates Airline that uses Dubai as the hub base is famous, but an airline of Abu Dhabi, Etihad is also scheduled to operate in Narita from 2010.