Asian Innovation Forum


Mr. Nobuyuki Idei is one of the globally active business leaders.  I agree very much with his philosophy as well as his view of the time.  After retiring from the position of Chairman of Sony, he started a new challenge by setting up a new business consulting/investment firm named “Quantum Leaps” .  Many talented young people are gathering there to start new businesses or to support inception of new businesses.  His commitment as the great senior of business world is so admirable.

One of Quantum Leaps’ various activities is Asian Innovation Forum which was initiated in 2007.  I have the honor of joining in this forum to offer some help.  Unfortunately, I had to miss the 2007 meeting but did participate in 2008.  A great rise of energy and enthusiasm was felt in the air.

This year’s forum will take place in Tokyo on September 14th and 15th.   Dr. Hirotaka Takeuchi (Dean, Graduate School of International Corporate Strategy at Hitotsubashi University, also well known in connection with the Davos meeting etc.) and I will participate as senior advisors but most of the plans and discussions will be carried out by young members.  We all share Mr. Idei’s vision and the event should be very enjoyable.

Search with keywords such as “Idei” or “Takeuchi” in this site and I am sure that the search engine will come up with many “hits”.

The forum posted an announcement ad on Nikkei newspaper .  I whole heartedly wish that new businesses – driving force for the growth of economy – will emerge from such networks as in this forum.

I feel that wonderfully energetic young people; capable of developing “personal” power, open-minded to the world, spreading networks with high speed, are emerging one after another.  Each one of them are the resources we need for the good of this nation’s future.  They are our hope, and I intend to help them in any way I can.