Escape from “Garapagosnization (Garapagos-ka) of industry”


A word "Galapagosnization (Garapagos-ka)" widely spread to refer to Japanese industry that possesses high technology but do not seek to go out to the world; cell phone industry, for instance, being a typical example.

What are the problems of “Garapagos-nization” and how do we fix them?  To answer this question Dr. Takeshi Natsuno, the father of “iMode”, and his friends launched “Cho Garapagos Kenkyu-kai (Overcoming Garapagos study team)”  (the site is in Japanese).  I participate as one of the members of the cheer group.  The goal is to find ways to conquer “Garapagos”.  Discussion was heated from the very beginning (Ref. in Japanese 1, 2)

We want to liberate the technologies of Japan from secluded management and have them go out to the world.

Dr. Natsuno is known as the true Entrepreneur, “Nail that sticks out”, man of ability, a challenger who overcomes failures.  He is one of the leaders recognized by the whole world.  Dr. Natsuno is also a person who makes you feel good.  I sincerely think that we must cheer and support such people..

This is his recent interview (in Japanese). “Uh-huh”, I nod as I read. It is precisely what I think.