“Galapagosnization (Galapagos-ka)” of Japanese manufacturers


The word "Galapagos ka (Galapagosnization)" (if you "Google" the word in Japanese, it will hit nearly 360 thousand sites) is now widely spreading.  I trust that you are aware of this word.

At last a book titled extactly it, "The Galapagosnizing Japanese manufacturers" (original title is "Galapagos-ka suru Nihon no Seizogyou") appeard from Toyo Keizai Shinpo-sya.

I urge you to read this book.  It is a helpful reference especially for the people in business.

It is often said that "Manufacturing items (Monotsukuri)" is the strength of Japan, but that only is not enough.  As I have mentioned many times in my blog.

"Story telling (Monogatari)" is very important to catch hold of people’s heart.  "Monotsukuri" is just a part of "Monogatari."  So set the goals, develop strategies and move on rapidly.  Do we find people like Morita of Sony or Soichiro Honda of Honda of the ’60s, today?  They did the "business."  Today, in this global era, speedy action is important.  Those with "domestic only" attitude had better get out of the business.  Young generation does not grow with such thinking.

People always say that "Japan is the number one country in technology" but, how much has it advanced so far in the world?  Next month the King of Spain is going to visit Japan with the rising solar panel industries of Spain.

This book has various hints as the author Dr. Tomohiko Miyazaki, Doctor of Theoretical Physics, Department of Science at Tokyo University, has provided the data based on the results of the research for Nomura Securities Co., Ltd.  After reading this book one should firmly think about ‘what he has to do’ without telling ‘excuses for not doing’ and go on carrying things out one by one.  Especially, I expect that the "leaders" and people holding responsible positions in the business enterprises take actions.  Please behave in such a way that you will be a role model for the youth.  Everyone in Japan and the world is looking at you.

This year is the 150th year of the publication of "On the Origin of Species" by Darwin.  It’s core message is "Not those who are the strongest or the wisest, but those who adapt to the environmental changes will survive." (Please refer to my speech on this site).  Speed to adapt will determine the winner.

Is Japan adapting enough to the changes of environment in today’s "globalization and flat world?"  This is a topic that also repeatedly appears in Dr. Yoko Ishikura’s blog.