The birthday of Queen Elizabeth


Every year, the British Embassy throws a party in celebration of the birthday of Her Majesty the Queen.  It is customary in any embassies, I think.  Embassy of Japan celebrates the birthday of His Majesty the Emperor.

On that day, April 21, I also went to the Embassy in the afternoon to join the celebration.  It was a bit rainy but the nice garden and lots of friends were enough to make the afternoon special.

Among the foods served there were small pies with a variety of nice toppings on them called "Sushi-Pie."  The Ambassador asked me how I liked it and I thought they were quite good depending on the toppings.


Photo:  With Science Attache Dr. Chris Pook and other guests.

The British Embassy in Japan is located in most prestigious area and has wonderful buildings and gardens.  During the last world war we were enemies so Japanese used to refer to English people as "Kichiku beiei" (literally meaning "demon beast America and Britain").  What happened then?  Well, Japanese took good care of the facilities including cleanings and sweepings.  I wonder how the British people felt when they found this out.  Were they grateful, impressed or did they feel it strange?

How was the situation in London during the war?  Germany was enemy so the British Embassy property was confiscated as a matter of course.  Ever since, The Royal Society is using the site, and you might be interested to know that here, a grave (or so to say the body) of the pet dog of the German Ambassador of the time is buried in the basement.

Maybe Japanese did not think, from the beginning, that they would win this war or maybe they felt affection to England – a country they once joined in alliance.  The Japanese people may also have cared about the relation between the royal families of Japan and Britain.  I think the Imperial House did not wish this war either.