Human Rights Watch opens Tokyo office


Visit the website of the Human Rights Watch.  Their work is quite something.  Its Tokyo office opened this month.

It was a realization of the long lasting dream of Ms. Kane Doi, who happened to see and hear about those places of miseries in her youth forming a sense of responsibility urging her to bring about changes.

A nice gathering was held in April 9th to introduce the Tokyo office and raise funds.  Starting with a chorus by students of the American School at Chofu, Tokyo, Ms. Doi and Executive Director Kenneth Roth delivered welcome speeches followed by a film of activities at the event of Russian invasion to Georgia.  Also, Bo Kyi, Thai activist who had been a political prisoner for 7 years, joined as the Guest of Honor. Films introducing his daily life and activities were played upon his speech.  Since I was seated next to him, I had a chance to listen to him in details.

Such private or individual activities: "Grass-root activities", "Civil movements", "NGOs" are expanding and will continue to expand.  This is the trend of the global age. (Ref.1)  One should not deride it or try to stop it since this trend will eventually grow to become the mainstream of our flat world.  Let’s support Ms. Doi, in any way each of us can.

Women are more involved in this kind of activities, not to mention Dr. Sadako Ogata whom I deeply respect.  This is also a world-wide phenomenon.

See the photo gallery of this evening.