The Steller’s Sea Eagle and the White-tailed Eagle






Photo1 is the Steller’s Sea Eagle, the second largest eagle in the world which breeds mainly in the northern sea area of Kamchatka Peninsula to Hokkaido.  Photo2 is the White-tailed Eagle, a bird that is slightly smaller in size than Steller’s Sea Eagle.

These photos were taken by a friend of mine about a week ago. (See also other pictures from links given below.)

 ・Steller’s Sea Eagle
 ・White-tailed Eagle

During this season, these raptors fly from the Sea of Okhotsk to Shiretoko Peninsula of Hokkaido along with drift ice in search of food making this area the most crowded place in the world.



Troops of professional wild life photographers come to this place with chartered boats to photograph these eagles, I heard.  My friend also told me that a crew of BBC was seen among the people.



Those photos are just wonderful.  They are so beautiful, don’t you agree?