Future of Japan and Korea. To learn lessons from Gozo Sato and succeed his legacy


In my previous posting, I briefly commented on Dr. Gozo Sato, a doctor who has done so much for the medical education in Korean Peninsula in the early 20th century.A good report is written by Mr. Deguchi (Ref. 1 , 2 ), a journalist who kindly accompanied me to Seoul in October 2007.

After a year and four month from this visit to Seoul, on February 20, 2009, I organized a gathering at National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies (GRIPS) where I work, to find out what lessons we can learn from the works of Dr. Gozo Sato and to think what we can for the good of future generations.

It was a fantastic gathering.  But I will leave it to the talents of Mr. Deguchi to cover and report the details in a wonderfully professional way.  Mr Koiwai, Editor-in-Chief of Science Portal also nicely reports this meeting.

I felt unexplainable ties. Strangely enough, we found out many connections between the people who came in a mysterious way that is hard even to imagine.

For instance, the parents of Counselor Christine Nakamura whom I have met at the Canadian Embassy on February 18th – just two days before – was also there by coincidence.

It was a day filled with moving experiences.  Thanks to all who came.  And together, let us start a new collaboration to make the future of the two neighboring countries bright.  Let’s listen to what the history tells us and take action (Ref.)