From Davos-4


Dsc00566 Photo1

The first event of  31st was a speech by British Prime Minister Mr. Gordon Brown.  Next was Prime Minister Aso, whose speech also had impact (Ref. 1, 2).  I was glad that he touched upon topics which would be highly evaluated by the audience, such as Japanese aid to Afghanistan of building and reconstruction of schools/clinics combined with financial and human resource support, recovery of Kabul International Airport, activities at Palestine, increase in the volume of aids to Africa, etc.  These facts deserve to be actively publicized domestically and internationally, but that they are fresh news even to us in a place like this is something awkward.  Overall, the speech delivered strong message

Prime Minister Aso then had several interviews and lunch.  I was invited to the lunch also.  Here again, he exchanged views with many leaders of the world through active questions and answers.  To have lively conversation is very important.

Dsc00561_pmasoPhoto2~3: Prime Minister Aso at speech and lunch meeting.


Dsc00575_ogata Photo4: At the lunch, Chairman and CEO Hayashi of JETRO, Dr. Ogata and her husband, Director General Matsuura of UNESCO.

Surprisingly, "UNIQLO" sponsored the lunch that gained good evaluation.  The room was decorated with cool displays and many beautiful screens (see photo at the top).  I heard that the lunch boxes they served were also appreciated for its tastiness.  In short, the presence of Japan this day around noon was outstanding.  Good work, everyone!

It seems that Mr. Saito, Minister of Environment, accompanied the Prime Minister.  He chatted with Professor Daniel Esty of Yale, who happens to be my friend also.

Dsc00579_three_with_kkPhoto5: With Minister Sato and Professor Esty.

On February 1st, the final day of Davos meeting, I participated in Global Agenda Council. 

The last session was with Archbishop Tutu of South Africa (known for oppositions to Apartheit and following commitment to human rights issues, etc.  He was awarded Nobel peace prize for 1984), having dialogues with young people.  As cleric and activist of human rights, his communication skill is high and the session was extremely interesting.

Dsc00599_panelPhoto6: Archbishop Tutu in dialogue with the young people.

The details are available in the summary PDF of this year’s Davos meeting which symbolized the age of turning point of the world.  Several photos are also posted on web.

Dsc00604_india_and_kkPhoto7: With Mr. Yunus

I happened to come across with Mr. Yunus at the lobby as I was checking out (Mr. Yunus is Nobel peace award laureate.  I have been introducing him in my speech, blog, etc. constantly as good example of social entrepreneur which is a strong trend in this global era.) .  He is founder of Grameen Bank that contributed to the financial independence of women in Bangladesh through Microfinance.  It was a good opportunity to inform him about our motivated young people in Japan.  He will be visiting Japan in March again.  We said good-bys hoping to see each other if our schedule meets.  It would be great if the meeting actually take place.

After talking with Mr.Yunus, I left the hotel for Zurich Airport to take flight to New Delhi.