Again from New Delhi


I arrived at New Delhi from Davos via Munchen early in the morning of February 2nd.  This is my 3rd visit during this past 12 months.

Many of you might feel that India is difficult to understand or mysterious.  Let me introduce you an interesting blog (in Japanese only).  It is quite fun with lots of humor.

Now, like last summer, I am here this time as a team member of Jeffery Sachs to participate in the meeting of international advisory council organized by the Minister of Health and Welfare of India which is held twice a year (I did not attend last February) (Ref. 1, 2).  Main topic is "Rural Health".

Right after checking in at the Taj Mahal Hotel were briefings from Indian researchers and people from NGOs on current status, analysis, issues, etc. followed by discussions.  After a short break in the afternoon was a reception.

Next morning, we worked for about five hours straight (even lunch was during the meeting) listening to the reports by government officials, discussing, exchanging views.  Same as last time, the Minister had very clear understandings on almost all issues and was able to further explain or join in the discussions.  He is a specialist of this field ? Rural health (medicine).  He has an excellent understanding of the situation.  I could clearly see even from the data that the project has developed remarkably (though yet much more to go) within this one year.  It is truly amazing.


Photo1: The advisory meeting.  Indian side in front row, fifth person from left is Minister Rmadoss.


Photo2: Likewise, the advisory meeting committee side.  From right, Prime Minister Dr Tore Godal of Norway, myself, Health Minister of Kenya, Dr. Sachs, Health Minister of Malawi, Health Minister of Rwanda etc.

Although background of the situation in India may be different and there could be many parts where even India might be better in comparison,  Ministers of Health and Welfare from Kenya (Professor Peter Anyang’ Nyong’o, Minister of Medical Services), Rwanda (Dr Richard Sezibera), and Malawi (Minister Khumbo Kachali) also came to join in the meeting in hope to find some issues or references that apply also to Africa.  The content of the meeting was very useful for them, so it seemed, that here again we succeeded in having active and constructive discussions.

I left the hotel in late afternoon for airport to return to Narita.