National Vision, New Energy and Agricultural Policy


Since the start of New Year, I’ve been posting number of columns in my blog concerning national vision of Japan.

Starting from January 1st, they continue to 7th, 20th , and 21st.  In the posting of 13th , I also touched upon the policy of Obama administration.

Today, I would like to report to you that an article on my lecture which I delivered in December and January appeared in The Asahi Shinbun newspaper of January 22nd.  Judging from the fact that the articles commenting on those lectures are getting longer and longer, I feel that people are gradually getting the picture of my “Story” which I have been telling. 

I really appreciate those comments on articles and other media when I think of current dynamic change in global society, disastrous situation Japan is facing, beginning of the new administration led by president Obama, movement of Japan, United States, and the world.

Now, how do we move from here? What is the next step? Please join in and take actions.