Global health


One of the pillar activities of our NPO “Health Policy Institute” is “Global Health” and the word repeatedly appears in various ways in this site. Activities on Global Health are promoted with the collaboration of many people in the global world, such as the World Bank, Gates Foundation, Rockefeller Foundation, government and also governmental organizations.

These activities are so called “civil society” activities, and I think we were able to contribute to last year’s Global Health Summit, TICAD4, G8 Summit etc. through the promotion of this movement. Please “search” in this site as well. 

In the world, there are many people who are in unbelievable misery. I was able to take part in one of the projects about this. As I have reported, it is a film documentary series called “SURVIVAL” produced by Rockhopper with the cooperation of Imperial College, BBC and the Gates Foundation. The series is now completed and you can see them on the web in English, Japanese, German and French. I am also sending a message which is written in Japanese, but I am actually speaking in English. This is a bit strange.