From Singapore, The opening ceremony of Fusionopolis


After my visit at Seoul, I came to Singapore to participate in the opening ceremony of Fusionopolis.  Attended by many scientists in Singapore and around the world, Director Lim of A*STAR made a welcome speech.  Then, a powerful message from the Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, followed by fascinating high tech holographic demonstration, musical performance by researcher group, and a reception.  I had the honor of being introduced to the Prime Minister Lee at the reception hall and talking with him.  He explained how his government is committed to making Fusionopolis a center full of energy that attracts scientists and youth around the world.  By the way, the architecture of Fusionopolis was designed by Dr. Kisho Kurokawa, a well known Japanese architect.


photo  Prime Minister Lee at the Opening.

On the next day, I attended the board meeting of A*STAR.  Then, in the evening of the day after, had dinner with Professor Ito (ref. 1 ), a very active scientist at A*STAR as well as former director of Institute for Virus Research, Kyoto University, and Mr. Kakihara, the manager of Riken Singapore office.

Anyway, I would like all of you to know how sad I am not to see Japanese researchers, especially young generations, participating in such places to mix with other researchers for training and competition as Samurais did for fencing in their era.  Shouldn’t Riken stop making excuses and send more scientists to Fusionopolis?  I dare say that Riken is just wasting their money if they don’t.  As I always say, I do not want to hear excuses for not doing.  Remember the Japanese old sayings such as "Young ones head to wilderness (Wakamono wa koya wo mezasu)" or "If you love your child, let him/her travel (Kawaii ko niwa tabio saseyo)."  They have universality and implications.

I expect everyone to do better.