Ferrari California Japan Premiere


The Italian embassy in Tokyo hosted an event to introduce the new Ferrari California.

Why was I invited?  Well, I think it’s because I had a chance to speak at the "Auto Innovation" symposium the other day.  I talked about the strength of Japanese and Italian cars there.  I spoke not only about the importance of the manufacturing systems that pay attention to user satisfaction, but also about how the cars tell a story, by design, that grabs people’s hearts.  The symposium was organized by Mr. Ken Okuyama who is a well-known designer of Ferraris and other autos.  He mentioned then that he would invite me at the next opportunity.  That’s probably why I got an invitation.

The reception comes just in time for the Formula One race in Japan.  Drivers of the Ferrari team, Kimi Raikkonen (Finland) and Felipe Massa (Brazil) were also at hand. What a great promotional event.


Photo With Mr. Watanabe of METI