Again from New Delhi


Here I am in New Delhi for the second time in this year(Refer 1, 2 ).  Following last year, purpose of the visit is for the Health and Welfare Minister Advisory Council meeting lead by Jeffrey Sachs as before.  The meeting was held for 2 days.  On the second day, face to face discussion between us and Dr. Ramadoss, Minister of Health and Welfare, and advisory committee was held for about 3 hours.  The minister replied clearly to the comments and questions one by one.  I felt that he had a clear recognition and plans for the problems.  You can see the report contents on the website.

The results of health services in the regions of India (rural area and slum area) for these 3 years are emerging clearly.  Also, it is expected that the budget for the health service will be increased along with the economic growth.  Medical expenses in India are 1% of GDP.  It is extremely rare and it is an exceptional country.  I expect that the services will be improved even though there are lot of problems. But the success is still far away.  I think this medical policies for rural areas in India should be more referred to by developing countries. 

Dr. Hara at Health Policy Institute Japan, accompanied me as it was in last year.  We invited my friend Ashok Khosla, President of "Club of Rome" and Dr. Sunil Chacko (whom I introduced earlier) to dinner, and we had a wonderful time together (photo 1).  Also, it was a great pleasure to have an opportunity to meet Mr. Oscar Fernandes, the Minister of Labor through the introduction by Dr. Chacko and Dr. Mishra, Pro-Vice Chancellor of Indira Gandhi Naitonal Open University (photo 2).  It was 10 o’clock in the evening, yet still lots of people were waiting to see him and his work was not over yet at all.  He is such a person, they say.


Photo1 Dr. Khosla (in the center) with Dr. Chacko and Dr. Hara


Photo2 From the right with Dr. Mishra, Dr. Chacko and Minister Fernandos