Medicins San Frontieres


Medecins San Frontieres or the Doctors Without Borders was established in 1971 by a group of French medical doctors and journalists in the wake of famine in Biafra, Nigeria.  On February 1st, Co-founder of MSF, Dr. Xavier Emmanuelli visited my office with Dr. Tartiere and the French Embassy staff (photo).


Photo: With Dr. Tartiere, me, Dr. Ememmuelli, Mr. Miaux and his Embassy staff, from left..

I showed him a few pictures of my daughter, an US educated medical doctor, who works in Los Angeles, when she was under MSF mission in Liberia for 6 months from April, 2006.  It was time after Liberia elected Ms. Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf (whom I met in Davos last year) in November 2005, as its new President, well educated in US, and the nation was gradually moving toward stabilization and refugees were coming back from adjacent countries, Sierra Leone and Ivory Coast.  My daughter told us that she met a good number of Japanese young helping Liberians and indeed, there are many young Japanese committed to such humanitarian causes and I am very proud of them.

He told me that they visited Sanya, a slum in Tokyo, and this was a center of concern of MSF originated from SAMU or Service d’Aide Medicale d’Urgence, "Emergency Medical Assistance Service".

We had a wonderful one hour discussing various humanitarian issues.