From London


Well, its just 3 weeks before year end. I left for London on December 13. From 14 to 17th, there was the Carnegie meeting where G8 Scientific advisors  and Ministers gather.

As soon as I arrived in London, I took some rest and headed towards Royal Society. I visited the chairman, Lord Martin Rees( Photograph 1). Ever since the 2005 Gleneagles G8 Summit, there is a close cooperation between the Royal Society and the Science council of Japan. Some activity is expected from the Science Council of Japan in the next G8.


Photograph 1  At the Royal Society with Lord Martin Rees, Mr. Matsuura, the First Secretary of the Embassy

Photograph 2 With Mr. Barnie Jones, Lord  Rees in the balcony of the Royal Society
(It is bit hazy but the orange colored “Eyeball like thing” behind me at the right is Big Ben. The thing seen on the left is the Ferris wheel.)

I had dinner (I also had dinner in January this year) on the 13th with His Excellency Nogami at his hotel.  Mr. Nishigahiro, the Secretary General of Science Council of Japan up to beginning of this year, Mr.Takaoka, the Minister, Mr. Matsuura the First Secretary, Mr. Itakura, Counselor and Mr. Nomura from the Venture Capital who specialized in “Clean energy” at London base , who also participated in Abu Dhabi in November were with me.   Mr. Nogami, the Ambassador is not just in politics but is also familiar with economics as well. He also participates in events such as the annual meetings of British (POW) who were Japanese captives during the World War II and if anybody expires, attends their funeral services at any cost. This may not look very spectacular but such inconspicuous action is the basis of diplomacy.  It is after all human beings who connect to each other.

At any rate, the GDP of England has grown up to 40% in 10 years. It is mainly centered on the service industry but the financial power is also formidable. Lately the transaction amount of the City has exceeded the NYSE. In addition, due to subprime crisis in the USA, investment and people both are coming towards City. I came to know later that the investment including entire bonus of the City this year is enormous (one trillion yen!) which reflects the prosperity of the business conditions. The information related to this, policies, sudden drop in the popularity of the Prime Minister Gordon Brown etc.   Analysis of the Ambassador Mr. Nogami is quite something.

The talk just went on and the dinner meeting continued till midnight. Thanks to Ambassador Nogami and to all of whom I had pleasure to meet.